What we do:

Unlock the door to tremendous savings

The Linen Doctor is your specialist for reclaiming stained linens.  Our RISK-FREE service could save your hotel up to 50% vs. purchasing new linens. It's easy, affordable and convenient.  We are so confident in our service that we'll pick up and drop off the linen to your hotel for FREE!  In addition to free pick up & delivery, your hotel is only charged for the linens that are successfully reclaimed!  Your hotel has nothing to lose except for stained linens.

Nobody does reclaim like The Linen Doctor

Our revolutionary reclaim process works wonders!  The linen doctor can remove some of the toughest stains in the hospitality industry.  Removing makeup, eyeliner, yellowing, hair dye, ink and food stains is exactly what the doctor ordered to reduce the purchasing of  costly new linens.

Save it, bag it up & call The Linen Doctor

It's so simple to use The Linen Doctor: 

  1. Save and bag up the linens that are stained and unusable.
  2. Call and schedule a pick up with The Linen Doctor.
  3. We pick up the unusable, stained items for processing.
  4. 5-7 Business days later, receive a delivery of vibrant, stain free linens to put back into use at your hotel.

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The Linen Doctor

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