Our Story

I'll be honest, I didn't found the Linen Doctor because I had a passion for stain free, bright white and vibrant linens.  Don't get me wrong, I like sleeping in fresh linens and prefer clean, fresh and fluffy towels after a shower.  But, it was not my life dream to become a doctor of linen.  I founded the Linen Doctor because I saw true need in a huge industry that was simply being overlooked.  And furthermore, I saw a large group of business owners being taken advantage of.

I've worked as a vendor over the last ten years in hotels all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.  There have been numerous instances where I've seen bag after bag of stained linens pile up and frustrated hotel owners fight desperately to try and save their hard earned money.  The worst part about the whole situation is that preferred vendor companies have little to no incentive to help the hotels with issues since they've already solidified their role as a preferred vendor with practically every major hotel corporation.  So at the end of the day, many franchisee's can't rely on their preferred vendor, the franchise itself is making a profit from the franchisee's excessive supply ordering and the hotel can't change vendor's because they could possibly face a fine or worse yet, lose their flag.

So, in late 2015 I became a casualty of "preferred vendor contracts" and I lost 7 contracts with a major hotel corporation. I did nothing wrong, the hotels I worked with were very happy with my services.  But since I'm a small business owner that doesn't have the financial means to be on the preferred vendor list, my customers were forced to switch to a preferred vendor.  It was during this time in my life that I came up with the idea of a pick up/drop off service for reclaim linen.  

I'm tired of watching fellow small business owners be victims of large corporations, being forced to conduct business in a manor that makes no sense and financially benefits only the major corporations.  I founded the Linen Doctor to help with a ever growing problem in the hospitality industry that the large hotel corporations and preferred vendors have so conveniently turned a blind eye to. And as a way to say kiss my a** large corporations.  I'm still going to find a way to do business with your hotels, and pay $0 dollars to your executives to be on the preferred vendor list!  

The Linen Doctor is an outside the box solution, designed to keep the profits in the hands of the franchisee's and to make kick back/rebate checks for linens going to the executives as small as possible.